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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kibbles 'n Bits®

There's a sayin' out there that AHM occasionally mutters when we're readin' the current news. 'Course she likes to show off by speakin' French and since I'm no pansy poodle, I gotta' trust her translation. Gnawed down to the bone it just means same ole' same ole'. That Darwin fellow must have been full of it 'cause you humans haven't progressed an inch as far as I can tell.

Fe-lyings, on the other paw, just keep getting' dumb and dumber. Now they've taken to wearin' snakes as a fashion accessory.

"Owner Wendy Wallis was outside playing with her children in their…garden on Tuesday when the nine-year-old family pet wandered in through the gate from a paddock. "At first I thought she had a bird in her mouth, but then I realised it was a snake wrapped twice around her neck and knotted under her chin," Mrs Wallis said yesterday."

If anyone cares, the idiot fe-lyin' is recoverin'—after costin' its family a bundle in vet bills.

Fortunately some scientist in Korea decided it was time we could find the little suckers in the dark. The result--fluorescent cats.

"Researchers in South Korea have cloned a cat and modified its genes so that it will glow red under ultraviolet light, the Korea Times reports."

Red, drat it. I was hopin' for neon pink to match the flamingos at the Cute House.

Movin' right along, here's a bit of evidence provin' you should never underestimate a canine…or leave 'em alone in the kitchen. This one, f'instance, won a pie-eatin' contest by swallowin' a pie minute.

"Organisers of today's world pie-eating championships were thrown into panic when a dog ate all the pies. They were hoping bakers could produce replacements for at least 10 pies wolfed down by Charlie, a diminutive Bichon Frise belonging to 1995 champion Dave Williams who was entrusted with guarding the pastries. "I only turned my back for 10 minutes and they were gone," Williams told the Daily Mirror."

Bet they didn't even given him the blue ribbon.

Then there's the pup who figured he got his Christmas chew toy a few days early.

"Kann Veasna took a break from drinking wine at a street stall to relieve himself through a hole in a fence… However a puppy spotted the Mr Veasna's appendage as it poked through and apparently thinking it was a toy latched on… Suffering lacerations Mr Veasna [went to] a hospital in Phnom Penh for treatment and was forced to tell the embarrassing story of injuries. "It's undoubtedly sore now, but luckily it should still be useful to him in the future,'' a doctor was quoted…"

Not so sure that guy should be reproducin'.

Every year at Christmas people get warnings not to give their kids a puppy on Christmas morning. Here's the exception

"Family of slain Marine gets dog for Christmas: Lex, their son's partner in Iraq. Marine Cpl. Dustin Jerome Lee and his German shepherd scoured Iraq for roadside bombs together, slept next to each other and even posed in Santa hats for a holiday photo.

"When a mortar attack killed the 20-year-old Marine in Fallujah a few months later, Lex, whimpering from his own injuries, had to be pulled away, Lee's father was told. That strong bond compelled the slain Marine's family to adopt 8-year-old Lex…"

Sometimes our military bureaucracy gets it right.

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