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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Shop 'Til Ya' Drop…

…or at least until they call the Vice Squad.

While we were pawin' through various blogs, we ran across this post at the Border Collie Blog that had AHM chucklin' for half a day. Not that she's ever had these kinds of shoppin' problems bein' a female 'n all. But I guess a "…six foot tall barrel chested man with a beard…" has different issues.

Just for the record, Border Collies are good people. When you're in show biz it's tough to find other canines with an intellectual capacity equal to mine. 'Course they can be incredible show-offs in Obedience class.

[Not to mention always scoring higher than you. ~AHM]

[So they sit neater than I do. ~Harrison]

[And they don't sit up during heeling exercises. ~AHM]

[Yeah, that was a real crowd-pleaser wasn't it? ~Harrison]

[The judges weren't laughing when they handed out the points. ~AHM]

Getting' back what I was sayin'… Next time ya' see a big guy buyin' three cases of Depends, it might not be what ya' think.

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