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Thursday, January 24, 2008

When Your Fake Stone Hands Need a Nose to Scratch

A few years ago I wrote about a house in our area we call the Cute House. It's still there. The only way to describe the place is that it looks like there was an explosion at a crafts fair and all the crap landed in one yard. If it's cute, country, and crafty they have it—and dumped it somewhere on their lawn.

There are folk art flags painted on pieces of old barn siding, folk art flowers painted on pieces of old barn siding, and folk art heart shapes cut out of pieces of old barn siding. There's a miniature lighthouse with rotating light, a wooden highchair holdin' a pot of flowers, a child's wagon holdin' a pot of flowers, and little flowery garden flags flappin' butt high all over the place. If you're only a foot high, gettin' too close means a nasty flap burn.

The only time I ever got near the front door was one Halloween when I took the pups trick-or-treating. They got totally spooked when they saw two hands sticking up from the top of a tree stump. Barked for a full thirty seconds 'til I figured out it was a fake-stone bird feeder and shut them up. 'Course they were so embarrassed they had to almost drown the ceramic bunny-holding-a-watering-can beside the front stoop.

Every time we walk past it AHM mutters "How many mail-order catalogues had to be sacrificed to create this?"

Well, thanks to Amazon's on-line shoppin', those fools won't have to sacrifice one more page.

And they can pretty much guarantee no one will walk on their lawn.

Ceramic Stone Face Smiling, Small Stone faces are ideal for inside and outside use…

Let's take a moment to think about that shall we? Hmmmmm… Temptin'… 'specially when ya' consider the clincher:

"Each head is packaged individually in its own box."

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