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Monday, March 17, 2008

First One Who Says "Kiss Me I'm Irish" Gets It

No, that's not me. You can tell 'cause…well…'cause that hat is still in one piece to start. It's not any of relations either, tho' Great Granddam Bitch was known to drape herself in geegaws when a camera lens was pointed in her direction.

It's enough to drive a dog to drink—not that AHM would let us.

But there are some of ya' out there who apparently just have to celebrate St. Paddy's Day by consumin' foamy green stuff and, after great quantities of said stuff, be tempted to offer a swig to your non-human companions. Don't. It just might produce some other foamy green stuff that means an expensive trip to the vet. (And ya' might wanna' remember piscatorial pets are no better equiped to handle green foamy stuff than your average canine or fe-lyin'.)

'Course some of you livin' an anthropomorphic dream think your canine friends want join in your celebratin'. Luckily, for those desperate sorts, the free enterprise system has filled the void—or the beer bottle, as the case may be.

"Non-alcoholic and non-carbonated, our Happy Tail Ale is the ultimate liquid refreshment for your best friend. Our beer is made in a real brewery and starts with artesian water and choice malted barley."

Erin go brwaaappzth!

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