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Sunday, March 30, 2008

People Exterminating Thousands of Animals*

I was readin' through the Dolittler Vet Blog and dug up this story. Seems PETA is goin' after a west coast journalist/blogger Gina Spadafori 'cause she wrote they killed almost all the pets given into their care.

"Let’s start with what I am absolutely not wrong about, which is something most people do not seem to know about PETA: That the animal-rights group kills almost all the pets surrendered to it, almost 3,000 killed in 2006 alone. This information comes from PETA itself, as reported to the Commonwealth of Virginia in a report required of all the state's shelters.. More than nine of 10 pets who end up at PETA are killed there.

"PETA does not dispute this.

"The letter from the PETA Foundation attorney says I was wrong in assuming that an animal-rights group such as PETA would be trying to find new homes for the animals who were killed at PETA."

Silly humans. Why would ya' think an animal-rights group would want to save animals?

Most everyone I know already hates PETA for soooo many reasons and wouldn't think of donatin' a bag of used kitty litter to 'em, but just in case there's one or two fools out there, ya' might wanna' check out this site.*

Warning: it'll make ya' sick as a dog.

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