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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Ambush of A Name*

Not to mention the art of writin'. We can't figure out if this article was put together by a committee of fe-lyings or a bunch of first graders. First, the headline:

Lunt in unfortunate village name blow

Translation? Anyone? Considerin' the context of the story, that is either a lame attempt at humor or…they're doin' it wrong.

"Residents in the graffiti-plagued village of Lunt are being asked to change its name… But the proposal, designed to combat yobs who repeatedly change the L to a C, has been met with fury by some locals in the rural community. […] David Roughley, whose family has farmed in Lunt since 1851, added: "At the end of the day we live in Lunt and we don't want to change because of a few yobs. It is the vandals who should change, not the village."

Sounds good to me—'cept the town is part of the Nanny State so I don't think that'll be happenin' anytime soon. Now, on to the punchline.

"The local website, www.lunt-village.co.uk, says the area was first documented in 1251 in the Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey."

Ooooookay… D'ya' think a few of those "yobs" visited the website before they started actin' out the Name Game?

(Shirley Ellis had enough sense to refuse to rhyme "Chuck" but still suggested we do "A little trick with Nick!")

Oh, and in case you're too dim to figure out the rhymin' slang for Lunt, the author did a little cut and paste for ya'.

"According to the New Oxford Dictionary of English, the offending word is Middle English…and is offensive slang for female genitalia or an unpleasant or stupid person."

Frodo would be shocked.

*"Who may, in the ambush of my name, strike home." ~William Shakespeare~ Measure for Measure Act i., Sc. 3.

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