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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Horsin' Around

We're about a month away from the Kentucky Derby but I don't think any of these horses will be makin' the Run for the Roses. And that's the only bet ya' can make with 100% confidence you'll win.

This guy, f'instance, got a little lost on his way to Kentucky.

"Animal rescue crews are gathered near Powhatan Point [OH] Friday, working to save a horse stuck on a cliff, on a hillside along Route 7. The rescue crews are waiting for a group out of Maryland that specializes in large animal rescue. No one at the scene has the proper equipment to get to the horse that's been stranded since Thursday afternoon."

Every year there's always a few foreign-bred entries. This isn't one of 'em.

"Fire crews this morning rescued a horse which had fallen into a swimming pool… Crews…were called to a property in Albaston [Cornwall] near Gunnislake at 9.20am where a horse was stuck in the shallow end of a pool. They used portable pumps to empty the water. A farmer provided bales which were placed so that the horse could be helped from the pool."

Now this equine appears to have some real talent—if the Derby was bein' run on the fourth floor of the local hospital.

"Officials at Wilcox Memorial Hospital in Honolulu have confirmed one of the hospital's patients was visited by a horse this month. An unidentified hospital spokesman said the patient's son brought the horse in and even posed for pictures with it and an off-duty nurse… "He proceeded to take the horse up the elevator up to the nursing floor where he was met by security and our nurse supervisor," the hospital official said… "We do have a pet visitation policy, but it does not include a horse."

When it comes to horseracin' we love our heroes, and when tragedy strikes, we honor 'em with appropriate memorials. Barbaro's ashes will be buried at Churchill Downs. The great filly Ruffian is buried at Belmont Park with her nose pointed toward the finish line.

On the other paw, Canada does things a bit different.

"Over its 135-year history, the RCMP has accumulated some pretty weird stuff. Like a stuffed horse named Nero… Nero was "a horrible, nasty horse" used in the famous Musical Ride and is remembered by many Mounties for his orneriness, said Heritage Centre spokesperson Karen Worobec… "People would come through the museum and would just love this horse, but of course they didn't know the story of how evil the horse actually was."

Last, but not least, if you're drivin' to Louisville from Wisconsin and other points northwest, here's a roadside attraction to get ya' in the mood.

  "This piece of "art" is officially   called the "Fox Cities Oracle," and   is generally referred to as "The   Hadzi"... It was created by a   sculptor named Dimitri Hadzi, who   I'm sure regards Appleton as some   uneducated backwater, based on   the generally negative response to his creation."

Or maybe not.

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