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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Figurin' It Out

I haven't worked out that opposable thumbs issue, but I'm still better at figurin' than your average Demo-cat. Smarter, too, 'cause they seem to wanna' make John McCain's military service an issue in their campaign.

They're basically tryin' to say it isn't relevant to an election, which probably makes sense to Wesley Clark considerin' he got booted from the ring after he screwed up at NATO. Jim Webb, on the other paw, thought it was just fine to parade his service when runnin' against George Allen here in Virginia.

So I went diggin' 'round to see if there were any numbers that might help decide if havin' some idea 'bout the seriousness of fightin' and killin' was important for a President to know.

Well guess what?

After pawin' through all the numbers, and countin' on all my toes, I discovered something reeeaal interestin'.

Durin' the combined 12 years of WWII veteran George H. W. Bush's and National Guardsman George W. Bush's presidency, we fought (or are fightin') three wars. The total causalities (through 2007) for both presidencies is 14,156.

Okay, ya' can argue Dubya's National Guard service wasn't "real" military experience, but it was sure more than the guy in between.

Bill Clinton's War is still goin' on and nobody's yowlin' about gettin' our troops outta' Kosovo last I heard. And durin' the 8 years of Clinton's no-military-experience presidency we lost 14,107 of our troops.

Got that? In twelve years, with two war-mongerin', military-experienced presidents wagin' three wars, we've lost 49 more troops than durin' the eight years and one war of the I-loathe-the-military president.

Yeah—I'd say military experience is relevant to bein' elected Commander in Chief.

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