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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kibbles 'n Bits® Halloween Election Edition

Obama Economic Plan Moths

[R]esearchers in Siberia
have identified a new species of
vampire moth…

Halloween celebrants worldwide honor Obama

  Blowing incense over a sacred llama   fetus perched on a bed of coca leaves   next to posters of the leading   candidates, the shamans shook rattles,   chanted "up, Obama, up!" and threw   flowers at their images.

Early votin' (obviously for Obama) begins in Colorado.

The dozens of hearty Boulderites expected to bare it all — except for the carved-out pumpkins placed over their heads — and run naked…on Friday night… “Once the pumpkin goes on your head, it’s definitely such a group mentality that you just have to go with it.”

And finally, the MSM releases another Obama-skewed poll (and what to do with it).

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