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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dog Watch

Election Day plus somethin'-or-other.

I got news for the Mutt—no girly-dog wants him either.

Obama: "Cha Cha?"
Barbara: "It's short for Cha Cha Cha."
O: "What is a Havanese?"
B: "It's like a little terrier and they're non-allergenic and they're the sweetest dogs.."
O: [Face suddenly changes.] "It's like a little yappy dog?"
Michelle: "Don't criticize."
O: "It, like, sits in your lap and things?"
M: "It's a cute dog."
O: "It sounds kinda like a girly dog."
M: "We're girls. We have a houseful of girls."
O [with hand gestures]: "We're going to have a big rambunctious dog, of some sort."

For the record, all dogs shed. Some just shed less than others.

In the interest of holdin' the White House for the Terrier Group, I vote the Mutt consider an Airedale.

What? You thought I was gonna' suggest one of us? Bite your tongue!

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