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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kibbles 'n Bits®

So now he can run for President. And he's probably more qualified than the Mutt.

When Amy Jones received her law degree from Baylor University, her playful service dog Skeeter got the same honor. As Jones got her juris doctor degree on Saturday, Skeeter received an honorary law degree. […]

Fellow Baylor law graduate Jolie McCuiston of Lubbock said "everyone loves playing with Skeeter, but Skeeter always knows when he's working." McCuiston said Skeeter will occasionally add a growl to a professor's lecture for added emphasis. "He always said what we couldn't say," McCuiston [said]…

Must be a Republi-canine.

Only the Brits could write a headline like this:

Toadfish sex hum stirs boffins

Obviously he just heard who won the election.

The 80 minute mile

The treadmill which was built in a tank of water enabled researchers to measure the activity levels of a "jogging" shrimp. Scientists found the four inch long shrimp could move at speeds of 66ft per minute and that it was able to continue for three hours before needing a rest.

Usually it's the Euro-weenies doin' this kind of silly research. This, unfortunately, was funded by US taxpayers.

Things people worried about 30 years ago…

Regarding the expression "deeper than whale shit," just how deep is whale shit?

I foresee that expression makin' a biiiiig comback.

And finally, we're officially carryin' this diversity business too far.

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