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Monday, December 15, 2008

Special Gifts…

…all 'bout that "special" person.

First, one of the few examples of truth in advertisin':

Make a Donation Today and Get Your Official Obama Fleece

Next, from TwoDogs, somethin' with hundreds of uses:

"What do you get when you cross the biggest fad that ever existed with the current Democratic candidate? The Pet Barack, that's what!"

Not sure how long this toy, or the company for that matter, will be around, so get 'em while ya' can.

If you're wonderin' "How will I get through the next four years?" here's an idea. It's my personal favorite, but it probably won't last more'n four months of bein' savaged by tooth and claw—not to mention the damage we canines can inflict.

And finally, if ya' really wanna' keep up with the Euro-weenies, ya' gotta' have one of these in your winter wonderland decor.

Catalonians traditionally celebrate Christmas by placing a caganer, which translates as pooper, in a nativity scene.

Evidently Bar-ack! is the big seller this year. Don't think it's quite the image The One had in mind.

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