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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Pups for Peace Become Dogs of War

Human Female Meryl Yourish was kind enough to direct my attention to this story--thank you, HF Meryl. It's kinda' like deliverin' a high, hangin' curve ball to--well--pick the slugger of your choice. (You think I'm gonna' offend my readers by choosin' the wrong player?)

"The association Pups for Peace, financed by gifts from the Jewish diaspora has specially trained these dogs for five months and they are to be used in other towns," the official, Roni Latan, told AFP.

"The dogs are German Shepherds, Belgian Shepherds and Labradors, chosen for their hunting instincts, he said. "If they detect explosives they must alert the agents and above all must not take hold of the explosive."

"The Israeli army and police use bomb-sniffing dogs but it was the first time they have been used on public transport anywhere in the country."

Like it says at the top of the blog--"…cats simply cannot be trusted to do the heavy and sometimes dirty work required in the war on terror."

Just consider a fe-lying placed in such a position of urgent importance. Once you stop laughin' your butt off, you'd realize you could never get 'em to wear that yellow vest thingy without losin' half the skin off your arms. (I gotta' say, they are not the most attractive piece of outerwear I've ever seen, so I'm sorta' on the cats' side of that issue.) On to the next problem--the damn fe-lying would never get on the bus in the first place, simply because they know it's where they're supposed to be. You'd have to lay down a trail of pussy treats and pray.

Once they were done eatin', they'd have to plop their expansive posteriors in the middle of the aisle for their postprandial wash up. After that--if you're lucky and the gods are smiling--they might amble a few steps up and down to take a gander at the scenery. 'Course the odds are heavily weighed toward them barfin' up a toxic pile of masticated treats and fur rather than findin' any explosives. It's safe to say the bus, bus stop, and all life forms in the general vicinity would be returned to a subatomic existence before any fe-lying would manage to find a burnt out match much less a bomb.

I do think Pups for Peace should consider usin' some of us little guys. First, we take up a whole hell of a lot less room, especially on public transport. Second, we can get into all the small spaces those big hulks can't reach. Not every terrorist is gonna' leave his knapsack lyin' conveniently on top of or in front of a seat. We terriers are bred to "go to ground." (Terra--earth--terriers--get it?) We could crawl the whole length of a bus or train car--or even a plane--checkin' under the seats lookin' for the teeniest little package. Well--other terriers might. I don't do the crawl-through-old-chewing gum-squashed bugs-and-baby-spitup scene. Bet they could convince a Jack Russell to do it, though, if they could be convinced not to brag about it all over town.

Just for good measure I looked up these Pups for Peace people. They're located in Seattle and I've added their link if you feel moved to toss a few donations their way. Their work is not only savin' lives, it's the ultimate irony. Muslims detest dogs--say we're "unclean." So I say we help our fellow canines "clean" a few Islamic clocks!

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