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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Remedial Posting

I've been bad by not mentioning one of my favorite places to visit--A Dog's Life. Tonight AHM was talkin' with a friend about showing dogs and I remembered I had never mentioned this site. Greg Hlatky's "lovely bride" shows a Borzoi (aka Russian Wolfhound) named Lacey and he regularly reports on their success. And they are very successful. (Congratulations, Lacey.)

Gotta' say I don't know many Borzois--they were always stickin' our classes in the ring next to the Chows or the Staffs or the Dobes. What I like about reading Greg's blog are the reports of dogs shows in places my dad used to tell me about when I was just a pup--Beaver Valley KC, Mahoning-Shenango KC, Ashtabula. My dad was just a pup himself when he visited those places--our careers were mostly in California--but I remember him sayin' Ashtabula had a really out-of-the-Twilight-Zone area that was lined with arcades and games and rides like you'd find at an old-fashioned travelin' carnival. (Hey Greg. Ask Lacey if that stuff still there. Dad said it was a real howl.)

AHM likes the blog because he also talks about opera and composers and books--and that they both suffered through the movie Best in Show. (Had to be a Norwich Terrier--an Aussie wanna' be--didn't it? The breed de jour when they made the movie!)

Actually Greg has lots to say about other stuff, too, and has a great outline of exactly how the dog show business works and what's involved. (Scroll down.) Check it out.

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