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Monday, September 27, 2004

Kerry Family Reunion

This lady got a bit off course, but I hear Kerry already has his people checkin' out her financial status.

"WOODS HOLE - A massive great white shark trapped for days in a saltwater pond near Woods Hole had not found its way out by yesterday afternoon, a day after marine biologists tried unsuccessfully to herd it toward open water.

"Anxious to guard the 14-foot, 1,700-pound female shark from gawkers and trophy fishermen, state officials on Thursday enacted an emergency regulation that forbids the attempted taking of a great white shark in Massachusetts waters.

"State environmental police have also been patrolling the Elizabeth Islands day and night to ward off sightseers attracted to the spectacular scene near Naushon Island, which is private land owned by relatives of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John F. Kerry."

He might want to ask her to join his campaign. She's drawin' more of a crowd than Kerry usually does. 'Course the collective intelligence level doesn't seem to be much higher…

"[The] nearly 1-ton shark, similar to the great white in the movie "Jaws," swam to within 10 feet of one of Cape Cod's Elizabeth Islands yesterday, drawing curiosity-seekers and boaters -- including one brazen kayaker who had to be shooed away."

Geeze--that Dan Rather will do anything for a pro-Kerry/Edwards story…

Then there are the well-trained Massachusetts Demo-cats always ready to take as much money as possible from a gullible public.

"Matt Lundberg, a captain with the Woods Hole-based R&R Marines charter fishing company, was ferrying groups of six passengers in his 22-foot Boston Whaler yesterday to the bay where the shark cruised. The cost to each group for the trip: $100 an hour.


"[Greg] Skomal, [a shark specialist with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries] said the shark has remained docile since it was first spotted Tuesday by a local skipper. Skomal said the shark is probably disoriented, explaining how it ended up in the shallow waters near Woods Hole…"

Anyone checked Hillary's Senate office recently?

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Blogger ereyck said...

Earlier rumors had bathers actually entering the water to see Hillary, excuse, the shark. Then again she doesn't bite....doesn't she? Only in Taxachusetts, home of the royal family Kennedy........

11:05 AM  

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