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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Kibbles 'n Bits®

Best description of the conservative blogosphere from Whitedog:

PJDogBloggerVast Right-Wing Pajama Party.

[That's not me--God forbid--but you can find clothes for your bloggin' dog here.]

More fe-lying terrorist activity:

"The long arm of the law is doing a lot of scratching in San Francisco's Bayview district these days. It's all on account of a dozen or so feral cats that have taken up residence in the police station parking lot.

"The cats have been increasing in number for several months, ever since kind-hearted officers began leaving bowls of cat food behind a Dumpster and erected a small plastic cat house--the kind for cats.
"They were all over the fax machine and the computer,'' said [Aura] Horton, who lifted her pant legs to reveal three flea bites on her ankles.

"The cops called in an exterminator, who sprayed a few spots and left flea traps but said more spraying would be pointless unless something was done about the cats, too. But Bruce likes cats, and he likes his officers to be happy. "It's actually a great morale booster to have animals at a police station, '' he said. "I'm in favor of the cats. Not the fleas.''

Lie down with Demo-cats, get up with fleas. By the way, has anyone told this cathole that fleas were what carried the Black Plague across Medieval Europe? Oh wait--this is in San Francisco--never mind.

Token cute dog babe picture:

"A dog just over seven inches long and weighing 27 ounces has been officially confirmed as the world's smallest living dog. Danka, a one-year-old long-haired Chihuahua, is one of 10 dogs that Igor Kvetko keeps in Revuca, eastern Slovakia."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was going to say that the dog looks like Tah-Ray-Zah HK after a couple of beers, but actually Toe-Razor looks like that dog after a couple ... oh, man.

That was a nice Dog Fish set up ... on Rasmussen.

Take care ...

11:48 PM  
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