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Monday, December 06, 2004

I'm Just Sayin'

For the record, NRO's The Corner is one of my favorite places. It's the one place I make AHM check every mornin' even if she's busy with other stuff. (And I've had a mention or two over there a while ago.)

Well, I guess someone over there is still readin' this blog, 'cause over the past few days I've noticed some stuff. First there was this:

"THE RESTAURANT FOR THE PAJAMAHEDEEN [KJL] opens in Philadelphia. Too bad PJ Bloggin' and co. can't leave their homes."

…which is real close to the same headline I used two days earlier here.

Okay, coincidence.

Then came the NPR reporter Rachel Buchman reference--two days after I talked about it here.


And finally, K-Lo (the Alpha female of The Corner) mention the story about those Demo-cat fe-lyin's needin help down in Boca Raton that I linked to a month ago here.

What to say? Or, rather, what to say without seemin' like an egotistical little snot.

[You are an egotistical little snot.--AHM]

[Yeah? So what's your point?--Harrison]

Okay, here's what I'm sayin'. Someone, somewhere at The Corner is a closet reader. Ya' know the kind--they're hooked on The Real Gilligan's Island but will never, ever, ever admit it. I don't blame 'em, really--I mean, who wants to say out loud they read a bloggin' dog?

But just to prove I'm not as much of an egotistical little snot as you imagine--

[I can imagine quite a lot--AHM]

[Stop stealin' lines.--Harrison]

here's somethin' K-Lo wrote this morning:

"If I or someone else in The Corner doesn't credit a blog for some story or another a particular blog linked to first, it's probably because I/whoever didn't get the link from that blog, directly--some reader passed it on, a co-worker or friend imed it to me, etc.... There are so many blogs out there, if we don't talk about you that doesn't mean we're dissing you, it might just mean we're not seeing you. Feel free to e-mail (which is no guarantee, but a start), as some of your blogging colleagues do already."


[End of egotistical little snot's snit fit.--AHM]

[I'm warnin' you, woman… I'm liftin' my leg…--Harrison]

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