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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Trippin' Down Under


At least now I know what Maury was up to when he got caught chasin' that frog around the house.

Junkie Dogs Chasing a High

"Desperate for a canine high, dogs have been seen licking the backs of cane toads for a poison secreted from glands.

Megan Pickering, a veterinarian in the town of Katherine, claims to have seen many cases of dogs affected by the deadly toad poison. "There seems to be dogs that are licking the toxin to get high,” she told the local newspaper. "They lick the toads and only take in a small amount of the poison — they get a smile on their face and look like they are going to wander off into the sunset."…

And here I thought only humans (and Maury) were dumb enough to do that kind of stuff.

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