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Sunday, February 06, 2005


Siggy (and his various alter-egos) seems to have bitten off more than he/they can chew by takin' on pet bloggers. (And can we discuss his need to have three personalities to disorder?)

What he fails to realize is we canines are not too awfully crazy about some of the dumb ideas Omega Humans think up. 'Course if you're gonna' turn us into a combination sage/oracle/demigod (fe-lyings cornered that market a couple of millenia ago) we'll play along. SC&A would too if someone would make him a decent (or even indecent) offer.

Now he probably won't like hearin' this, but I agree with most of what he wrote the other day. In fact, I've been workin' that street corner longer than he has. F'instance…

"Anyone that leaves a million and half dollars to cat [or canine] is insane… Leaving instructions that a new red or yellow ribbon be applied daily to a yappy Maltese or Yorkie, with specific instruction on how to apply said ribbon, is reason enough to have the entire will invalidated."

Been there.

"Pets do not need to be taken to a pet psychologist. There is no such thing. The quacks that refer to themselves as pet psychologists feel the same way about whack job pet owner that we do- they just want to cash in."

Done that. Twice.

"There is no rational reason to dress your pet up."

Have the tee shirt… and ripped it to shreds! [Dug up at Right-Thinking.]

"Pets live in sin. They do not marry and despite a well planned and large gathering at the wedding ceremony, will not remain monogamous."

I'm puttin' together a little something about this part of of human/canine interaction. (Not that kind of interaction! Geeze. I have standards, ya' know.) But we are "workin' dogs" around here, if ya' know what I mean…

"Asking your pet's opinion on everything…to discussing your pet's politics will not make the extreme pet owner appear any more rational."

AHM doesn't ask. I tell. She types. Got that? Besides, my politics are demonstrably superior to 47% of the so-called rational--aka "reality-based" (insert laugh here)--electorate.

"To imply that you and your pet vote in the same manner, or agree on Iraq…is no testimony to your sanity."

Especially if the Omega Human votes the wrong way. That's that real "sanity" test.

All 'n all, though, I'd rather have humans writin' about us than dancin' with us!

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