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Friday, February 18, 2005

Vanitas Vanitatum Omnia Vanitas*

SC&A, who suffered through the spittin', whizzin', and sprayin' of outraged pet bloggers, recently lifted his self-imposed ban on the mention of "pets" and "blogs" in the same sentence.

"SC&A are responsive to our readers. We are aware that there are many readers who were upset and traumatized over our series on pet blogs. In response, we chose to limit our comments on the Pet Blog phenomena. Well, we can't hold back any longer. See this website. Insanity knows no bounds."

For the record, I agree with him. It finally reveals the psychotic narcissism genetically coded in every fe-lyin' DNA. What it reveals about the Omega humans who actually encourage this behavior--and photograph the results--is somethin' else again.

The Infinite Cat

"It all began innocently enough when a user on an Apple help forum posted a picture of his cat, Frankie, contemplating the beauty of a flower. Shortly afterwards another user posted a picture of his cat bristling at the image of Frankie on the monitor. I decided this was too much fun and advanced the concept as The Infinite Cat Project which is, simply, cats regarding cats regarding cats in an electronic melieu."

You'll never catch us canines surfin' the 'net for that kind of porn.

The logo's kinda' neat, though.

*Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.
Ecclesiastes 1:2

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