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Friday, February 04, 2005

Money is the Root of All Idiocy

Not that I wouldn't like a little more. I hate alternatin' my real liver with that canned crap.

That bein' said…this sort of fool should be an embarrassment to canines everywhere. 'Course, we're not gonna' turn up our muzzles if they force us to enjoy the good life, which just goes to show--we're smarter than they are. Or at least more sane.

Slain fashion designer leaves house to dog

"The murdered German fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer has left his luxurious home to his beloved Yorkshire terrier Daisy, the mass market Bild newspaper reported on Friday. The flamboyant designer named a Munich-based estate agent as the executor of his will and stipulated that Daisy could stay in his villa in the suburbs of Munich, the paper said…

"Daisy, who used to be Moshammer's constant companion and sported ribbons in her hair, will be able to live in the house until her death, the report said."

Ribbons! Never trust a dog wearin' ribbons!

And speakin' of sanity--or insanity which is more likely…

" Leona Helmsley's dog Trouble is a fluffy Maltese small enough to fit into her purse. But when Trouble barks, Leona listens. That's because the 84-year-old hotel queen is said to believe that her late husband, real-estate tycoon Harry Helmsley, communicates to her through the pooch.

"Someone who recently dined with Leona and her canine companion came away convinced that she sees Trouble as a psychic transmitter. "She didn't use the term 'channeling,'" says the source. "But she gave me the clear impression that Harry was speaking through the dog."

"What has Harry supposedly told her?

"Well, for one thing, he doesn't like the public mausoleum that's been built next to his private crypt at Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Harry is said to have told Trouble to tell Leona that the new edifice spoiled his view. Last July, Leona filed a $150 million suit against the cemetery, alleging she was led to believe that the field next to the Helmsley crypt would remain empty."

'Suppose someone dumb enough to marry Leona would be dumb enough channel himself through a piece of lint named "Trouble."

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