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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kibbles & Bits®

Nice to see the Flordia legislature knows how to regulate the important things.

"Hoping to corral a Venezuelan sport that animal rights activists say is cruel, the [Florida] Senate passed a measure today outlawing pulling a bull by its tail.

Havin' once herded a bull, I'm here to tell ya' grabbin' one by the tail is not a smart idea. Leave it to humans to do the reeeaaally dumb stuff.

Not to be outdone by Florida, the Secret Service is goin' beyond the call of…something…

"The Secret Service, which has the job of guarding the president and other dignitaries, now has a new temporary duty -- protecting a mother duck and her nine eggs."

Keep those feral demo-cats away from that wild bird, guys.

And speakin' of demo-cats, here's a bunch who give new meanin' to the words "pork barrel." These fe-lyings are in Bangladesh, but Washington D.C. can't be far behind.

"A few really lucky felines, until recently, were living it up at Dhaka’s biggest hospital. That’s until they came up against hospital Chief Brigadier General M A Matin who launched a full-scale “operation” run with military precision to repel the cat invasion.

"According to hospital staff, about 100 cats had established a “mini-kingdom” and were growing fat on food meant for patients. Some were so big patients had difficulty fighting them off at meal times."

Sounds like the local tax collector--or Ted Kennedy.

"But the hospital cats seem to have finally met their match. Teams of ward boys hunt them down every day armed with traps and bags. The brigadier has pledged to carry on until every last cat is evicted. The captured cats are “exiled” on the other side of the city’s Buriganga river where they are likely to experience a less comfortable existence."

Wait 'til PETA hears about that!

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