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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Let Me Tell Ya' 'bout the Birds and Bees…

…or…some people will do anything to make a porn film...which is not to say that my Dad or I are against a bit of fun now and again…

"A team from Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire fitted peacock butterflies and small tortoiseshells with radar backpacks and tracked their flightpaths.

"The delicate creatures had to be held down, given the lepidopterist's equivalent of a bikini wax and then fitted with transponders weighing just 12-thousandths of a gram. Researchers have used the same technique to track the flights of bees and bumblebees…

"The scientists watched the butterflies play, feed and even mate. "It obviously didn't bother them that much," said Lizzie Cant of Rothamsted."

Bother who? The butterflies or the voyeurs?

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