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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Rainin' Cats and Dogs

Ya' know local news teams are hurtin' for ratings when they pull out all the "cute" stops. And nothin' is "cuter" than the terrier Radar the Weather Dog--unless it's me, of course. If they had been lookin' for dignified I would've applied myself and spared 'em the cost of educatin' the new kid.

"Radar, a Wheaten terrier mixed-breed adopted from the Houston Humane Society, was 4 months old when he joined Local 2… After a 30-day stay at Rover Oaks Pet Resort, 2550 W. Bellfort, Radar graduated doggie kindergarten as the "best dog on the planet."

Hrumph! Does he have a blog?

"While Radar enjoys his weekdays and nights at Channel 2, [living in a custom-built doghouse with a doggie balcony sure helps] he does love weekend getaways. Either Frank or another of his station "parents" takes care of him at their homes for Saturday and Sunday. Radar is treated to trips to pet parks, the beach, pet stores and much more while away from the station."

When ESPN calls, Radar, let me know. I'll put in a good word for ya'.

WSTM in Syracuse has been workin' on the same idea, 'cept considerin' they're in Demo-cat New York--not Republi-canine Texas--they have to have Doppler the Weather Cat. Check out the pic. They're definitely goin' for the Hillary look.

"It began in the summer of 1996, when a stray cat wandered onto the Weather Deck during our 11pm newscast."

Hey--isn't that how the Clintons got into the White House?

"The cat must have enjoyed the bright lights of TV, because he returned every night after that. Unfortunately, the cat didn't survive very long. He wasn't ours, and got hit by a car on James Street."

Notice how they immediately absolve themselves from any blame even though the fe-lyin' got itself killed outside their station.

"Trying to make something good out of this sad situation, we decided to adopt a cat. We found another orange tabby, but this cat didn't enjoy the glare and glamour of TV… The third adoption proved to be the charm. When he's not 'working,' [Doppler's] our official greeter in the WSTM lobby, or lounging in his custom-decorated room here at 1030 James St."

Maybe Radar and Doppler should face off durin' the next Presidential election debate. Talk about fur flyin'…

Dug up at Dave Barry's Blog.

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