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Friday, November 04, 2005

Cow Mooo-ves The Goalposts

All right, it's a hokie title. But I'm talkin' about the Hokies so give me a break, already! And all you college football aficionados better listen up when animals start makin' predictions.

"Could Virginia Tech's campus get much weirder…before arguably the biggest game in Lane Stadium history as the #3 Hokies take on the #5 Miami Hurricanes.

"Then you have cow belonging to the university's agricultural barn that can correctly predict the outcomes of Hokie home football games within a few points.

"Shanna, a three month old calf, "talks" to her caretaker, Tech agriculture barn manager Shane Brannock, and reveals predictions for the game's score the morning of kick-off. Brannock claims to be a "cow whisperer."

Ya' don't have to whisper to get animals to listen, ya' know. Yeah, our hearin' is better than yours, but just talk, okay? All that pssst, pssst, pssst business gets on our nerves after a while.

"Brannock said Shanna's first prediction for the Hokies home opener against Ohio University was 47-3 Hokies. Tech won the game 45-0. Shanna predicted the last home game's score at 27-10 Virginia Tech. The Hokies beat Boston College 30-10. Brannock said, after Shanna's game day morning meal, she licks his left hand once for every point the Hokies opposition will score, and his right hand once for every point the Hokies will score."

Considering those scores, that's a whole lot of slobber flyin' around.

Sure hope Shanna doesn't get indigestion Saturday mornin'. Vegas is callin'…

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