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Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Stephen King Moment

…waitin' to happen.

Pets' rest disrupted.

"Five years ago, Candi the wiener dog went to her grave with an elaborate pink marker and warm wishes for the afterlife. Last week, Blase Kaauamo dug up her plastic casket and set it on the grass. The dachshund's body is just one of 500 buried animals that Kaauamo must transport out of Pet Rest Cemetery. "I think she was brown," mused the gravedigger, brow sweaty.

"After 35 years, the Pet Rest Cemetery in far northwest Raleigh has succumbed to development -- perhaps a Hampton Inn, owner Steve Rogers said."

The hell with the Rainbow Bridge. Yogi, Sniffy, Arnold the pig, Puddles Eggleston, Capt. Nick Danger Myers, Sir Timothy Flash of Skye, and all the rest will be spendin' their afterlife at the Hampton Inn.

Hope no one missed the St. Bernard.

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