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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Apologies, Awards, and A Call to Arms

With all the excitement of the Super Bowl and my team (okay AHM's team) winnin', I forgot to post the results of the Best So Far Awards at Bloggin' Outloud. Sorry guys.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to put us in the top three. We were only 101 votes behind the catboy who likes to dress up in sequined capes and rhinestone tiaras, and 107 votes behind the winner—a DINO (Dog in Name Only—a fe-lyin' claimin' to be a "Pooch"). I knew it would be a tough fight considerin' those fe-lyings have nothin' better to do than sit around makin' up new emails to stuff the ballot box. ('Course it does look like that last fake email I created made a difference.)

We definitely have 'em headin' up a tree, though, and here's big time proof they're runnin' scared of us dog bloggers. THOSE DEMO-CATS ARE TRYIN' TO DISENFRANCHISE US!

Lyn has been askin' everyone to vote for the next round of categories and guess what?—25% voted for "Pet Blogs – Cats Only." Who the friggin' hell do they think they are? Get your dirty fe-lyin' faces outta' the litter pan, fools. Geeze…it's an endless battle, isn't it? (Go vote 'em out.)

Thanks, Lyn, for all the work, in spite of the "controversy". It was fun, even if my carefully laid out campaign did get trashed with the early poll closings.

Oh, and if ya' wanna' be a part of the next round, go offer her some help. I'll be glad to referee the "Best Pet Blog-Cats Only" category…


…now if I can just find some dog blogger callin' 'emself The Pussycat…

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