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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Glenn Reynolds has a link to a site full of Mohammed images through history, includin' one where, on his way to heaven, Mo takes a mo to advertise German boullion.

Almost at the bottom of the gallery are the three additional images the Danish imans snuck unto the booklet they took to the Middle East. The link to the original web page source doesn't work—d'uh—so you'll have to scroll down. (One of 'em is my personal fav, but since this is a family site, I won't reproduce it here.) Midway down the page are illustrations by Auguste Rodin and Salvador Dalí from Dante's Inferno. AHM says the Dalí is a particular good likeness.

'Course I can't see 'em real well considerin' 1) I'm getting' old and 2) I'm a dog, but I always thought somethin' was missin' from the original 12 cartoons that started it all.

Ahhhhhhhhh… That's better…

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