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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

From the Litter Pan

Isn't this why we fought a war—to rid ourselves of pussies like these?

British Parliament debates law givin' pets their own 'bill of rights.'

"Pets are to be given five "freedoms" under new legislation before Parliament that aims to raise the standards of welfare by fining or jailing owners who neglect their animals. The freedoms include appropriate diet, suitable living conditions, companionship or solitude as appropriate, monitoring for abnormal behaviour and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease… Once the Bill becomes law, secondary legislation could be introduced creating codes of conduct for different types of pet. An 18-page cat code has been drawn up as an example."

Demo-cat encourages 24/7 spyin' on citizens.

"Mayor Daley on Monday embraced a radical plan to require every licensed Chicago business open more than 12 hours a day to install indoor and outdoor cameras."

How to Live with Multiple Cats.


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