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Friday, February 10, 2006

Get a Room, Already

Sad to say, some canines have no class.

"Two passenger planes of Macedonia's national carrier MAT were stacked above Skopje airport until a pack of stray dogs could be cleared from the runway to let them land safely, officials said Thursday. A flight from Vienna and another from Zurich were ordered to circle the airfield Wednesday after security noticed the dogs "playing around" on the airfield's only runway… The two planes circled for 30 minutes around the capital until the dogs were driven off."

"Playing around" for 30 minutes, eh? Well, it's pret-ty clear what was goin' on there.

Supposedly you humans have somethin' called "The Mile High Club," 'tho havin' seen an airplane rest room up close and personal I can't figure out how you manage. I mean, there's not enough room in there to swing a cat much less swing anythin' else!

Maybe we canines should start "The Thirty Minute Runway Club." Yeah, you other guys might get a little jealous, but it'll give ya' something to shoot for, right?

Oh, and since I'm talkin' 'bout flyin' the mile high friendly skies—or playin' on the runway—ya' gotta' read this blog entry by a self described "[l]ife-loving fat lesbian separatist feminist," rather unfortunately titled "Screwed by Southwest." (I only made it through paragraph four but you might have a stronger stomach.)

Now my brain is on an endless loop of The Mile High Club plus this person.

Like I said—some dogs have no class.

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