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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


UPDATE: The Yorkies led us to this guy (ya' know how we canines like to hunt in packs!) and we were up into the wee hours readin'. Well, we did waste a lot of time pickin' ourselves off the floor after laughin' so much. As Meryl Yourish likes to warn, do not be eatin' or drinkin' anything while ya' read.


Yo Quiero…Hic

" A woman is facing drunk driving and child endangerment charges after police said both she and her pet Chihuahua arrived intoxicated at the woman's son's elementary school on Monday…

"Island Lake police arrested Marcotte at approximately 3:40 p.m. on Monday after she drove her vehicle across a sidewalk in front of Cotton Creek Elementary School. Marcotte told police that she had been driving erratically because the dog was having a seizure. Jerry Rivard, the agency's manager, said when workers first saw the dog, it was completely impaired and displayed erratic behavior."

The meowin' was probably their first clue.

There's somethin' about this story that doesn't sound quite right—like they haven't considered all the angles…

"Dogs trained in house fire rescue. A team of three specially chosen rescue dogs have been signed up by the fire service to help save vulnerable and disabled people from house fires.

"Holly, Dudley and Little Ern have been trained to shut their owner in a room if they smell smoke or hear alarms."

It's a Bird, It's a Plane… It's Screaming Eagle Zeko.

East side, west side, all around the town.

"Almost a month after a champion whippet named Vivi escaped from her crate at Kennedy Airport after competing in the Westminster Kennel Club show, a pet detective said she believes the elusive California show dog has been trotting around the borough. "She's really doing New York," said Karin Goin, of Depew, Okla., who searched the airport area Friday and yesterday. "This is the toughest breed to catch, and she's traveling."

Girls just wanna' have fun.

Legally blind musher finishes Iditarod, after crashin' into a tree or two and veerin' off the trail onto the Bering Sea.

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