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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cheezy Choice Cuts

I'll have an order of #5, the Tang Hua, with fried rice.

"Cars made in China are set to go on sale in the US within months, industry observers predict."

The Chinese are also warmin' up for the Olympics with the 2nd National Cricket Singing Competition and issuing some stern warnings:

"Don't let your cricket take drugs. Anybody caught cheating will be disqualified."

And what exactly does a singin' cricket sound like?

"…Jia Guoquan, a 62-year-old retiree who served as one of the judges at the singing competition…says the tone of the best crickets should be sort of a cross between an opera singer and a snorer."

I was gonna' think up some suitably snarky subhead for this, but I just couldn't.

"Let your dog tell the world he/she is wholesome, good natured, and has great taste in music...just like his/her owner!"

Reeeeaaally bad idea #17,945

"The Nevada Humane Society is doing a promotion surrounding the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday called "Black Is Beautiful" where black dogs and cats are offered for adoption at a reduced rate."

And one sick puppy

"Oscar the dog and his best friend, Arthur the cat, were inseparable in life. So, when 17-year-old…Arthur died…[his] owners, Robert and Mavis Bell, buried Arthur in the garden. But Oscar's love for his friend would not die – and during the night, he pulled the cat from his grave, carried him inside, laid him in the basket they used to share and gently cleaned him up.
"Mr Bell found the pair curled up together in the basket… Arthur is now buried in a secure grave in the garden at the Bells' home… Oscar has a new playmate kitten called Limpet."

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