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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Their Voices Have Been Stilled

Writers always use that expression when famous people die, but in this case it’s literally true, at least for me. Two of the most distinctive voices in my life have fallen silent at the same time.

William F. Buckley, who single handedly created the modern conservative movement, was 82. As a young person I remember listening to him, fascinated with the timbre, texture, and tone of his voice, and with his remarkable accent. I hadn’t a clue why my parents watched his show, but something stuck since I cannot recall a day in my adult life when I haven’t had strong conservative opinions. As George Will said, “Before Ronald Reagan, there was Barry Goldwater, and before Barry Goldwater there was National Review, and before there was National Review, there was Bill Buckley, with a spark in his mind.”

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Myron Cope, the screeching, nails-on-chalkboard-voiced announcer for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was already established as color commentator for Steelers games when I arrived in the ‘burg, just in time for the 1972 Steeler/Raider playoff game—and the legendary Immaculate Reception.

"His creation of The Terrible Towel has developed into a worldwide symbol that is synonymous with Steelers football," Steelers chairman Dan Rooney said… “[Many times] The Terrible Towel got us over the goal line.” The towel is arguably the best-known fan symbol of any major pro sports team, has raised millions of dollars for charity and is displayed at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I still have one of the original, 35-year-old Towels. And it still works its magic.


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