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Friday, April 11, 2008

From the Litter Pan

Clumps of stuff you'll wish ya' never heard about, such as…

…an exploding rat

"The electrocution of a fat rat in an electric station…caused a three-hour power outage in Stockholm's central train station. […] 'The blow was so forceful that it…actually burst,' [Jesper Ekenlund] said.

...sexercisin' pandas--pole dancin' optional…

"Panda pornography has been used to encourage
lazy pandas to have sex but now a fresh routine is
keeping the threatened species alive. Young male pandas are now taking part in a rigorous "sexercise" program."

dirty ole' wasps puttin' their stingers in the wrong place…

"Few can resist the allure of a beautiful rose, but some wasps outdo even the most ardent flower lover. […] Many insects mistake flowers for femmes, but few go as far as [the male orchid dupe wasp], says Anne Gaskett, a biologist at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, who led a study of the insect's amorous intentions toward two species of Australian tongue orchids."

…the self-proclaimed "Fansite of the Licing Lifestyle"

"If you're into the insects in sex, you're in the right place."

Dug up someplace I thankfully can't remember

…the redneck art of deer butt doorbells and
fe-lyin' refrigerator decorations—with graphic
instructions included.

 "If you don't  have any deer  butt's handy,  don't despair.  Many creative  folks will go on a scavenger hunt,  searching for fresh road kill to use for  their red neck art. Here is where the  creative process is critical and you can let-loose with your artistic freedom to come up with a wealth of affordable fine art for your home. Even rodents can be sculptured into fine redneck art plaques."

Dug up at News of the Weird

Time to empty the litter pan.

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