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Thursday, June 17, 2004

There Is a God

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Except He's apparently living in Nebraska…
Well at least someone, somewhere has the sense to leash the cat!

"LINCOLN, Neb. June 15, 2004 — If city officials get their way, cats roaming the streets here freely may be a thing of the past. Attorneys are drafting a cat-at-large law aimed at eliminating strays by requiring that cats be on leashes when not on their owners' property. Officials have cited both health and annoyance concerns."

Damn, are they ever. The Troll across the street has cats and they're a f'ng pain in the butt. 'Course that's all you can expect of the Troll. He's a registered pervert. Must get off watchin' the little buggers go at it 'cause there's always another litter--er--littering everyone's yard.

"City laws restricting at-large dogs has been on the books for 40 years.

And they say there's equal rights in this country.

"I have had people complain because the neighbor's cat was doing its business on their deck or backyard and say 'What can we do about it?'" said Ed Schneider, president of the board of health.

Cat shit far and wide… I know the problem. When AHM finds it, she piles it on a trowel and flings it back into the Troll's yard--where it belongs.

"Debbie Borner, vice president of the Cat House, wondered if the law would be practical. "Have you ever tried to walk a cat? You go where they go," she said.

The idea is to stop them from going wherever they want, you stupid broad! And has this so-called "Cat House" been pawed over for subversive activities. Or--er--other kinds of activities?

"Weverka argues that cats don't need to be walked. The law simply requires owners to keep their cats inside, or have their cats restrained when taking them outside the home."

The more restrained the better. They get in my territory, they're cat sushi.

Found at Barking Moonbat.

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