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Monday, August 09, 2004

It's Official

We are now "International" Terriorists.

"Hello, I am Takashi Ito, a Webmaster of dogmark.net "Cool DOG Site of the Day." Congratulations! "dogmark.net" selected your wonderful site The Terriorists for "Cool DOG Site of the Day" on 9th of August, 2004. [T]he site will be introduced on that day."

They also have a "Cool DOG Site of the Month" contest, so follow the link on the upper left and VOTE FOR ME! I've never been near Vietnam. I've never seen the border of Cambodia in a Christmas tree ball. I hate jungles, rivers, canals, lakes, boats, rafts, those inflatable cushion thingys you float on in the pool…huh? Oh. Okay, okay… Vote for Us.

"[D]ogmark.net Cool Dog Site of the Day" started in April 1994. We introduce Cool Dog Sites everyday. Visitors are from more than 68 countries around the world. The selected Cool Dog Sites [total] more than 3,650 which you can visit in our archives pages.

"[D]ogmark.net Cool Dog Site of the Day" has received many awards and [was] also introduced in several magazines like "FIDO" in Sweden, "DOG FANCY" in USA, and a book published in Taiwan introducing webpages of the world. We have two regular essays…which are "A DOG'S LIFE IN NYC" by Ms. B.L. Ochman and "Homeopathy for Dogs" by Dr. Jill Eliott."

Update: Okay, I guess you have to wait to vote until all the candidates are entered. Don't worry--I'll remind you all again at the end of August.

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Blogger ereyck said...

Hey Harrison, tell your AMH that we can't vote for you yet. Only the July entries are listed on the cool dog site. Neat about the dog shows. I've never been to one, but lately feel I've been to several. Wonder why that is?

8:37 AM  

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