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Thursday, October 07, 2004

That they are Mad, ’t is True: ’t is Pity*

Just to prove I can take pity on those suffering from the heartbreak of felying photo withdrawal--and houndin' Meryl Yourish to post Tig pics since Glenn Reynolds has fallin' down on the job recently**--I direct your attention to Madison Square Garden this weekend. The Cat Fanciers are having a big felying festival there, pretendin' they're like the canines who arrive for Westminster in February. And btw, it's no mistake the cats show up at Halloween and the dogs arrive around Valentine's Day. In fact, if you follow the link, you'll find there are cat shows all over the place--liked spilled kitty litter--for the next seven years! (Talk about bad luck. At least I know the places to avoid.)

Okay, okay. I know you addicts--your hairball withdrawal won't be satisfied without pictures. So here ya' go. The 2003-2004 Top Twenty-five Cats, the Top Twenty Kittens, and the Top Twenty Cats in Premiership (alters). That last means the felyings in those photos won't be makin' any carbon copies of themselves--ever. Considerin' some of the pics, that's a very wise decision. (I gotta' admit Meryl's Gracie is a better looker than almost all of 'em.)

C'mon. Be honest. Don't most of these suckers look like they've been at the wrong end of a grapefruit shoved by James Cagney? And the rest look like they've had a major run-in with an Australian sheep shearer--and lost.

But hey--you asked for it. Some people will even vote for Kerry Litter too. Go figure.

*Sorry Bill.
**This is not an endorsement of felying bloggin'!

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