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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

AHM and the Jinx

This post is dedicated to Bill at Leaning Toward the Dark Side and (to a lesser extent) Michele at A Small Victory, both of 'em takin' the Jets breakdown at Pittsburgh harder than I used to take losin' at a dog show. Bill seems a bit more disgruntled of the two, but condsiderin' they had to endure the Yankee's spectacular collapse just a few months ago I'll cut 'em some slack. Plus, they had no way of knowin' about The Jinx.

AHM is The Jinx. At least that's what she claims and I gotta' say some pretty strange things happened this football season. It's a real simple jinx--if AHM watches, listens to, or even hears about an ongoing Steeler game, Pittsburgh will lose. Weird, huh? But sports fans are weird anyway. (How else do you explain the "Terrible Towel?")

AHM's only watched one Steeler game this season. Yeah, you guessed it--the disasterous second game of the season. There were a bunch of reasons we couldn't see 'em play--not livin' in Pittsburgh and dependin' on the national media is one, of course. But for one reason or another she didn't get any information about the games--on-line or elsewhere--and the Steelers started winnin'. The first time she seriously tested her theory was on Halloween--when undefeated, high-flyin' NE first landed in Pittsburgh. Hmmmm… Coulda' been a fluke, right? Okay--next week came the undefeated Eagles. Two in a row would be near impossible for a rookie QB, right? Uh oh… By the end of that game AHM was convinced.

Do we think she's strange? 'Course we do--she's a human, after all. But it was getting' curiousier and curiousier. Durin' the second Steelers-Ravens game her special friend (who was out of town) sent her an email givin' her the score. Man, you would have thought the roof fell in from all the swearin' goin' on. We just found a safe distance to watch the show. Later we found out that immediately after that email was sent/received, Ben what's-his-name went down with a rib injury.


The jinx confirmation--at least in the convoluted passageways of AHM's mind--was the last game of the season. Third string Steeler players versus first string Bills at Buffalo. Ya' know what happened. Now she was getting' really weird.

Then there was last Saturday. AHM played with the lay-out of my blog to avoid watchin'/hearin'/readin' about the game. Pissed me off no end, but there was no way I was gonna' complain considerin' the mood she was in. This time her special friend called before the end of the game. (He's from NE so he obiously had ulterior motives. I tell ya', AHM's gotta' start pickin' 'em better. The last guy was a Raiders fan!) Anyway, I guess he tried to say somethin' 'cause she kept sayin' "Don't tell me, don't tell me!" reeeeal loud.

Doug Brien didn't have a prayer.

Later AHM's friend said he called just before the second kick 'cause he thought the game was over. Ha! Don't mess with a jinxy woman, buster.

Are we buyin' this jinx business? I'm not answerin' that one--'cept to say it's gotta' be a really stupid jinx when ya' can't watch your favorite sports team. Still…

Speakin' of buyin', maybe AHM should sell her jinx on E-bay. Hey, if some idiot's gonna' buy a ghost there's gotta' be a bunch of NE fans willin' to pay AHM to actually watch the AFC Championship game Sunday night. Just in case the jinx is real. Yeah, yeah--we know NE's out for revenge and all that. But so are the Steelers. Remember 2001?

We know you're wonderin'. And after last week, should ya' risk it? Can ya' risk it? He, he, he…

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