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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Attention Sports Fans

The Jinx is either real or it's not. (Machelle at Quality Weenie assures me--from personal experience--such things are, btw.) There's nothin' I can do about it.

So. You can stop the email span now. Why you Philly fans care, I don't know, unless you've got a massive in-state inferiority complex… And as for That New England Fan Person who's thinkin' about hirin' a messenger service to show up at the door and sing the score--be warned we're armed to the teeth and know how to use 'em. (Fans bearing bags of cash, however, are always welcome.)

Actually the idea of sellin' The Jinx on Ebay is soundin' better and better--especially when ya' consider this guy's sellin' his left nut for a measly tractor. Bet that Jets kicker wishes he had thought of that…

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