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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Locked in the Bathroom, Drinkin’ from the Toilet

Not me. Not tall enough and besides, I know the perils of that particular activity. When I was a pup Alpha Human Mom and I caught Silly Human Female’s infamous fe-lyin’ Dandylion (20+ pounds of flabby Persian horror) perched on the edge of the seat lookin’ superior. Huge amounts of yellin’, one wet cat (did I mention Dandylion was bottom heavy?) and great amounts of Lysol resulted.

Ya’d think I’d have learned, right? Don’t bet on it--I was a pup, for cryin‘ out loud! I had to see what that dumb fe-lyin’ thought was so interestin’ in that big bowl thing.

Maybe I wasn’t tall enough, but I could jump pretty good. I got my paws hooked on the edge and managed to haul myself up and over. And in. Those porcelain suckers are slippery! (Insert sage advice about lookin’ before leapin’ here.)

Oh, the horror!--dragged out of that drownin’ pool by the scruff, stuck in the bathtub for a bath (like I didn’t just have one of those), and the requisite amounts of yellin’ and Lysol bein’ slopped around.

Not gonna’ try that again.

So...I’m not the one locked in the bathroom--but all my Word files seem to be. They’re here, but they won’t open up. Got themselves locked in real good--and are probably havin’ a party, laughin’ behind our backs.

AHM is workin’ to get things straightened out, but considerin’ she needs a road map and a computer police escort to find her way through hard drives and HTML, that could be a long day’s journey into night.

Play among yourselves--or if you’re a fe-lyin’...uh...no...won’t go there... You get the idea.

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