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Thursday, January 27, 2005

They Are So Ready For Some Football…

…they totally missed Jacksonville. It happens when you've had a few too many gettin' ready to root for your team.

Drunken robins bobbin' along.

"Tampa, FL - Not all are party animals, but a lot of them are here, and some are drunk off their feathers on berries.

"Fun fact No. 1 about robins: They can't hold their berries. In early spring, they'll gorge on overripe mulberries, and get a little tipsy in the process."…

"In fact, robins are not particularly discriminating. They also like Brazilian pepper and carrot-wood berries, two invasive species they are blamed for helping to spread.

[T]hey…occasionally dine on something a little overly ripe for their own good. They'll flock to mulberry bushes for their berries, as well as the bugs they tend to attract. In late winter or early spring, the berries can become intoxicating.

"Sometimes the birds will have one too many," [Rich] Paul [a wildlife biologist] said. "They become a little looped. So it becomes fun to watch them."

Eagles--er--birds of a feather and all that…

Maybe they should share their berries with these guys:

"Like hundreds of other coffee-dependent residents across Phoenix, [Erika Ferrer] couldn't get her Starbucks fix early Wednesday as the city coped with the second day of advisories to boil tap water or use bottled water. Starbucks Corp.banned its Phoenix stores from making any java until the city mandate was lifted and no doubt lost thousands of dollars in sales.

"The city finally lifted the ban around 4 p.m., but that didn't help Ferrer or other java addicts early in the day. "I'm desperate," the 35-year-old Ferrer said around 2:30 p.m. "I told them, 'I don't even care about the water. I'll sign a waiver.' If this goes on tomorrow then I will be upset."

Whatever stirs your kibble.

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