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Monday, May 30, 2005

And Another One Bites the Dust

Indiana Jones whipped into shape

"The man's getting closer and closer to regaining his hat."

And losin' whatever credibility he still has left.

"There's good news for those awaiting the long-awaited fourth "Indiana Jones" movie - franchise creators' Steven Spielberg and George Lucas have given it's script a fat thumbs up."

Huh?--"awaiting the long-awaited"? Did this guy write the script for the most recent Star Wars?

"With everything Jedi behind him, Lucas asked screenwriter Jeff Nathanson to his compound to go through the draft. Uncle George apparently liked what he saw, as did Spielberg…"

You wanna' trust the decision makin' skills of a guy who cried at the end of ROTS? We're doomed…

"Both beards hope to have "Indiana Jones 4" filming in early 2006 - Spielberg's got a full plate, so it'll be interesting to see how he fits this in - but have to wait until Harrison Ford approves of the script before hiring a catering van."

Menudo van, ya' mean. The man craves menudo. (I’m not talkin' the boy band, here, although considerin' the physical profile of Calista Flockhart I might be wrong). Even I don't like menudo--and I used to eat jalapeño peppers! 'Course maybe his geriatric digestive system isn't up to all that tripe, hominy, chili, garlic, spices, and whatever happened to be scraped off the road that day.

"The script is said to feature a new, younger sidekick for the aged Doctor Jones."

Please God--anyone but Hayden Christensen.

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