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Friday, May 27, 2005

Dessert Now Being Served

…in the Senate lunchroom. Free for all Demo-cats, John McCain, Mike deWine, George Voinovich, et al. Guaranteed to stop the filibuster.

"According to [U.S. Rep. John "Randy"] Kuhl [R 29th-NY], after lunch [with President Bush on Air Force One] frozen raspberry fruit bars were served up. Kuhl, [Sherwood] Boehlert [R 24th-NY] and [Thomas] Reynolds [R 26th-NY] all licked their treats, but the president bit into his.

"That's when I realized it was very cold, too cold to lick, and my tongue was sticking to the lollipop," Kuhl said. "I don't know if it was intentional to slow down the conversation, but here we were with the leader of the free world and all our tongues are stuck to lollipops."

Ya' know, this is somethin' even the pups figure out early on. Durin' the summer AHM used to put ice in our water bowls which made for some fun times. Even Grand Dam Bitch got into the act when she was young. When she'd be drivin' around, AHM would pick up some ice water at a local drive-through and set it in the cup holder. Grand Dam would promptly stick her nose in and blow ice water in all directions. Too late she discovered just how high AHM could jump and drive at the same time--not a good discovery. Also not good was discoverin' how quickly a small canine gets bounced from stick shift to headrest to glove compartment when the auto careens back and forth.

As far as the ice-in-the-water-bowl, there have been various repercussions over the years. Haley thought she'd lick one and ended up with her tongue hangin' out, ice cube firmly attached. Needless to say vigorous head-shakin' didn't work. AHM finally shoved Haley's face into warm water, then spent the next half hour swearin' and moppin' water off everything within snortin' distance.

My kid Hem has an original technique. He picks out all the ice cubes and leaves 'em in strategic places--like in front of the back door. Then he sits down and waits for AHM to come around the corner and ski jump out the open door. No points on form but she usually clears the steps. (She's pretty agile for a two-legged human.)

A second favorite (until we convinced him of the error of his ways) was puttin' one between the bar/sink where AHM makes our dinners and the placemats where she serves it up. Why he thought it was amusin' to dig his food out of the jade plant in the corner was beyond the rest of us.

For some reason we don't get ice cubes in our water bowl as much as we used to. Go figure.

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