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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Party Animal!

Yeah! It's my birthday--er--blog birthday, that is--and I'll be celebratin' with all my rowdy friends--Maury, Miss Garbo, LG--might even have Darwin and Everton stop over.

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And you thought I wouldn't last… Yeah, well, maybe some of you hoped it wouldn't last, but I'm a terrier! Go look up the definition, fool. We're famous for grubbin' through underground burrows (like the DNC), grabbin' hold, and holdin' on. (Alright, alright--I don't do the grubbin' through underground burrows thing, but I got the grabbin' and holdin' part down pat.)

I started thinkin' about doin' some bloggin' when AHM read me Smarty Jones' blog. Hrumph! I figured if some spindly-legged, smart-ass horse was a blogger, well, I could be a blogger--and do it better. Or at least longer.

You can thank Jonah Goldberg of NRO's The Corner for creatin' the tag line that got me goin'. Or you can blame him if you want. Puts that whole "words have consequences" meme in perspective, doesn't it?

(If ya' wanna' know who else to blame ya' gotta' Read the Rest!)

Over the past year I've discovered that bein' a bloggin' dog has definite advantages. First, no one--but no one--drops a meme on you. I mean, who cares about the last CD I bought 'cause, well, I don't buy CDs--or books or DVDs, etc., etc. If you're interested, my favorite sounds are ragtime and blues--and the can opener.

Second, I can say whatever I want about anyone and anything--and I speak with authority, no matter what Glenn Reynolds says--'cause I'm a dog! 'Course bein' funny (okay, tryin' to be funny) works best when you're dealin' with true stuff. Convincin' AHM to write it down is another matter.

Third, my kids really are insufferably cute, cuddly, intelligent, and talented--and they have the blue rosettes to prove it.

Fourth, I'm not a bloggin' fe-lyin'.

Speakin' of fe-lyings… I really gotta' thank Meryl Yourish and Tig and Gracie for lettin' me pick on 'em all the time while still bein' so encouragin'. Tig, you still remind me of the infamous, late, unlamented Dandylion, but I'm copin'.

And then there's Ferdy, The Conservative Cat, who's almost as erudite as me--in spite of bein' a fe-lyin'. But Ferdy, ya' gotta stop actin' like a GOP Senator and start dealin' with that Talluah Interloper issue. Fluffed-out tails do not a leader make, unless you're Barney Frank. If you're gonna' take on lá Hillary, ya' might as well start practicin' on females of your own species.

Since I'm thankin' fe-lyings, I better mention some of the other dog bloggers out there--like Bacchus, doG of Whine and Wonderdog Cal (who has a list of picture-postin' dog blogs over there) and even Hollywood Dog (though bein' a typical Holly-whine sort, he's waaaayyyy out in left field). Oh, yeah--can't forget the Yorkie Blog (which isn't really written by a Yorkie, just a nice lady who lives with a bunch of my kissin' cousins) and all the borzoi's over at A Dog's Life. They don't write either--too busy swannin' around show rings, I guess.

Real special thanks to Tom at MuD&PhuD for lettin' me ride along with the Homespun Bloggers, and Teach of the Pirate's Cove for includin' me in the American Flag League. All those bloggers write Real Important Posts about Real Important Issues from the human side of things so go read 'em. Naturally I always see the underside of everything, but I think that's 'cause I'm only a foot tall.

'Course I'd be remiss if I didn't thank John Kerry and all the Demo-cats for providin' so much kibble for me to chew on.

Hosted by ImageShackI know I forgot a bunch of people--check my Blogroll--so everyone just consider yourselves thanked for readin' and linkin'. If I keep goin' I'll never have time to polish off my dog bones before the guests arrive.

[I got them for you and your guests.--AHM]

Huh? Ya' mean I gotta' share? Are you crazy woman?!

[You want to keep bloggin?--AHM]


[Start sharing.--AHM]


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