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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stupid Ideas Whose Time Will Never Come

And ya' probably won't live too long tryin' 'em out even if they do.

Yak Skiing

"[Time] magazine's Asian edition says this "implausible extreme sport" involves going at rocket speed uphill attached by rope to a yak charging downhill."

Not that it's high on our "must know" list, but how do you get that yak to yank?

"The yak skier waits nervously below, wearing skis and holding a bucket of pony nuts..."

While his own are turnin' into gnat nuts.

"They shake the bucket of nuts to attract the yak - and put it down fast as the beast charges down the mountain, pulling the skier upwards at terrifying speed. "If you forget yourself in the excitement and shake the bucket too soon, you'll be flattened by two hairy tons of behemoth," the magazine says.

Think Wily E. Coyote and an Acme Anvil.

"Mr Dorje's advice is: "Never shake the bucket of nuts before you're tied to the yak rope."

Now there's a piece of advice liberal Demo-cats could use.

And if not, well, there's always this option I dug up here. (With must-see-to-believe picture.)

"Invisible Breed ProductsTM
Turn your Doberman into a Poodle!
Turn your German Shepherd into a Golden Retriever!
Turn your Mastiff into an Old English Sheepdog!"

Turn your hand into hamburger plasterin' duct tape on the wrong part of the canine anatomy.

On the other paw… Wonder if Mad Dog Howie Dean could fit in that Sheepdog suit. A wolf in sheep's clothin'…

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