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Monday, June 27, 2005

Big Bust

No, not what ya' think, but it might improve my site positionin'.

Maury was visitin' this past weekend and AHM went out to shove the lawn mower around the yard, so naturally I thought I'd have another entry in my Lawn and Garden Advice series.

Ya' know what? Nothin' happened. Ziltch. Zero, zip, nada. What a bore. So now I've gotta' find somethin' else to write about flowers 'n growin' stuff.

Well, wha'd'ya' know.

"Cannabiscuits for mutts

"Pampered pooches will soon be salivating for a new doggie treat: an upmarket biscuit made from cannabis seed. Tasmanian entrepreneur Ian Rochfort, who has been granted the first licence to use cannabis seed in a food product, will market the Scooby snacks nationally and for export as Hemp Hound Hors d'oeuvres."

That little devil.

"But dog owners should not expect their pets to develop a fondness for Bob Dylan."

Bob who?

The licence issued to Mr Rochfort includes a strict testing regime to ensure the biscuits contain no more than 50mg per kilogram of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC). So basically, there is no chance your dog will be hallucinating rainbow cats," Mr Rochfort said."

Done that already, thanks. Can't catch the damn fe-lyings anyway, so it's pretty much a useless trip.

"The product must also carry "not for human consumption" warnings on the label."

Okay, raise your paw if you're gonna' pay attention to that?

Wonder if our Supreme Court judges will try to take a bite out of this "drug crime?"

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