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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

From the Litter Pan

The perfect libation for man-dog bondin'--and just in time for the college bowl games.

For those who care enough to send the very best…the perfect Christmas gift for Jimmah Carter.

At last! A use for all those "3-Months-of-AOL-Free!" CDs.

"I wanna' test ma' re-flexies." "That sounds like a good i-dee." Quick Draw McGraw=1. Deadeye Dick=0.

"A Bluefield [VA] man…and a female friend…took part in a test of the man's reflexes. According to the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office, the test involved a handgun."

And finally, somethin' we all should remember. When attacked by a nine-foot penis, swim like hell… Ditto for an elephant's tusk.

"[Gregory Colbert a 45-year-old Canadian photographer] was once tusked by an elephant while swimming alongside it for a photo-shoot. “It was an accident,” Colbert protested, before describing how the sensation of having the elephant’s tusk hooked in his trousers, then snapped violently forwards, was “like being fired out of a cannon”.

Michael Jackson feels your pain.

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