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Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Francis Award

Not long ago I wrote about Francis the Talkin’ Mule who spent his time tellin’ off silly humans. It’s a safe bet if Francis was available today he’d be a blogger, but since he’s still entangled in the morass of Hollywood options, his hoofs are tied.

Still, there are so many out there worthy of Francis’ attention, I’ve decided to post the first ever Francis Award presented (occasionally) to any person who has gone below and beyond the call of jackassism. ‘Course all the good ones have already been run through the mill—Sen. Murtha, Hillary, Kerry, etc.—but here’s a local gent who deserves a good kick somewhere. (I report, you decide.)

"Richmond [VA] School Board Chairman Stephen B. Johnson last night admitted posting a bare-chested photo of himself on an explicit male-dating Internet site.

"It was stupid," Johnson said, explaining that the photo had been on the site for a "couple of days."

"Johnson's photo on [website deleted] was not explicit in nature, but the text describing him was very graphic.

"As of 9:30 p.m. -- about an hour after a [Richmond] Times-Dispatch reporter called Johnson about the Web site -- his posting could no longer be found on the site."

Now I ask you…would you wanna’ see a bare-chested photo of this guy? No word on who found the listin’ in the first place…or why they were lookin’.

Stephen Johnson’Francis

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