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Monday, December 12, 2005


If a canine goes wrong, attackin' 'n killin' a human—no matter the reason—they're gone from the world. No chance to turn their life around, even if they were abused most of their life.

Well, that's the way of the world, I suppose. But you humans are really getting' weird over this Stanley Williams person. I mean, you're talkin' a pit bull/rottie cross masqueradin' as a human! After listenin' to a lot of talk, I never heard this Williams person ever said he did the wrong thing killin' those people. And that rabid pack he started has killed lots and lots and lots of other people.

So why should he be spared just 'cause he supposedly turned his life around, wrote a couple of books—which haven't sold worth Cat Chow—and now tells kids not to join gangs? Oh, yeah--now he tells 'em.

If ya' didn't spare Karla Fay Tucker when she turned her life around in prison, why should ya' save Stanley?

Just askin'…

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