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Monday, December 05, 2005

Canines Work. Fe-lyings Just Spend Your Money

Smile! You're on DogCam.

"New recruits to the Northumbria Police force are German shepherds Sammy, five, and three-year-old Zara. They have been trained to help during armed sieges and wear miniature television cameras with transmitters fitted to their heads or harnesses."

Bringin' Out Baby

"Many people treat their pets like children, but a woman is in legal trouble after calling 911 and claiming that her "baby," which turned out to be a cat named Baby, was stuck in the sewer…

The firefighters arrived expecting to find a child, but rescued the feline from the sewer anyway. Police gave the woman a ticket for making a false report, a Class B misdemeanor. "They said they were desperate, didn't know what else to do," Houston Fire Department Capt. Keith Ellery [said]. "They didn't know who else to call so they called 911. It is not the type of rescue we normally do ... but on this particular incident, we felt compelled to kind of help them out."

She's baaaaaccckk.

"[Emily the cat] had apparently wandered away from her home in late September, and found her way inside a sea container at a distribution center for a paper company. The container spent more than three weeks en route to France, much of it on cargo ships…

"Emily flew business class courtesy of Continental Airlines, escorted by company employees on the 11-hour trip from an airport north of Paris. The value of her ticket is estimated at $6,000."

Six thousand frickin' dollars—just 'cause a dumb fe-lyin' got lost. Remember that the next time you're buyin' a ticket on Continental Airlines and bitch about the high cost of flyin'.

'Course Emily's lucky. She could have ended up like Mummycat!

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